Thursday, January 05, 2012

Good Morning Lord

Even as my eyes open to the light,
I am aware of your Presence.

Laying here, in between two worlds,
I wonder,
Do you pause, bedside, beside your children,
as I used to stop beside mine?

As I now stand yet again,
in familiar footprints
marveling at my grandchildren.
Wrapped in the depths of sleep.
Radiating innocence and potential,
Bodies covered with a blanket of peace..

I try to imagine
The Lord and Master of the Universe,
Standing in silent vigil over His creations.

What thoughts move through your great heart?

Do You feel, as I have felt,
the rush of love over your being?
Moving me like the sea overwhelms the sand,
changing its form, but not its essence…?

As waking light penetrates my thoughts,
I am reminded that our planet
spins by the power of your will
through galaxies of your creation.

You fired the sun into flaming reality,.
Universes move at the command of your lips.

How awesome, that over my sleeping form,
Could stand the One who lit the stars,
And swirled the Milky Way into its splendor.

What ego must I have to believe such a thing!?
And yet, You remind me, that there is One who
Is closer than a brother and nearer than our last breath.
He has promised never to forsake us.

Forgive my foolish pride, pointing to myself,
when I boast you know the number of hairs upon my head.
When I glory in the fact that YOU formed me in my mothers womb.

Am I too proud sometimes,
That You sent your only Son
To redeem ME?
As if, I have some quality that puts me
Above my brother next door, or across the sea?

Help me to glory in your greatness,
and not in my dim reflection of You.

You are the Light of the World,
And I am but a bit of clay,
Cleansed by your blood,
Polished by your Spirit
Reflecting on a ray of your Glory,
As I catch the rising of the sun. …………

I ask this morning, only that You be
With me through every moment of today!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Palm Sunday and Peter

Will I lay my cloak before you in the thrill of morning ride ;
or pull it tighter round me in chilled shadows fireside?
Will my sword flash bright in battle as I bravely shout your fame
or will my words come quick and angry, standing by the fire's flame?

Your healing words will always,be ones that I can keep;
after restless nights of fishing when my troubled heart yearns sleep,
Your love always restores me, as you speak, “go , feed my sheep”!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A promise kept
Is an Amen to the heart!
It is a Yes
To Life and Joy.
The whole world waits
With breath contained
To see a Word maintained.

Each day a hope
Wakes in our breast
To believe in love
Yearn to be blest
Beneath the desire
For fame and wealth
Is the deeper need
To experience truth.

In the eyes of a friend
In a handclasp hello
In the greeting of sunrise
To children below
A Father renews
His love for his own
And whispers His promise
I’ll not leave you alone.